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Our Staff

Our staff work as a committed team to meet the aims of our mission statement. We believe every member of staff has a valuable contribution to make in this, and we work to support each and every one to realise their potential in the workplace. 

Senior Leadership Team 

Mr A Sapey



Mrs E Dickinson 

Deputy Head & Year 6 Teacher



Teaching Staff

Mrs L Holt

Nursery Teacher

 Miss L Trafford
 Reception Teacher / SENCO

Miss Haigh 


Year 1 Teacher

 Miss L Gibson

Class 2 Teacher

Mrs J Knudsen 


Mrs Jo Aherne

Year 3 Teacher

Mrs L Smith

Year 4 Teacher 

Mr Williamson

Year 5 Teacher

Mr P Stirland

Year 6 Teacher / Interventions

Support Staff


 Miss J Crowther

Nursery Nurse

Miss A Mason

Nursery Nurse

Mrs C Nyari

Nursery Nurse

Mrs L Cochrane 

Nursery / Reception Support Assistant

Miss K Gavaghan

Nursery Support Assistant


Mrs J Hughes

Reception Class TA 

Mrs A Rhodes

Reception Support Assistant

Mrs E Farrow

Class 1 Support Assistant

Mrs M Crowther Year 1 TA



 Ms S Heywood

Year 2 TA / Mid-Day Supervisor





Mrs B Curtis

Support Assistant

Miss E Todd

Year 3 

Teaching Assistant



Mrs A Terry

Year 4 Support Assistant/

Senior Mid-day Supervisor 

Mrs I Falconer

Year 5 Support Assistant


 Miss S Jacques

Year 6 Support Assistant / Mid-Day Supervisor

Ms D Langley

HLTA Literacy  / Interventions


Mrs E Thompson

Support Assistant /

Speech and Language 

Mrs J McClosky

Mid-day Supervisor

Ms J Beier 

Mid-day Supervisor

Mrs D Williams

Mid-day Supervisor

Administrative Staff


 Ms H Sutcliffe

School Business Manager

Mrs K Knott

Finance Administrator

Mrs D Langley

Clerical Assistant

Catering Staff


Mrs K Gallagher

Kitchen Staff

Mrs R Hughes

Kitchen Staff

Mrs J Sutcliffe

Kitchen Staff

Miss J Howorth

Kitchen Staff

Premises Staff


Mr R Goggins


Mrs D Davy