Our Staff

Our staff work as a committed team to meet the aims of our mission statement. We believe every member of staff has a valuable contribution to make in this, and we work to support each and every one to realise their potential in the workplace. 

Senior Leadership Team 

Mrs Emma Dickinson


Mrs Jo Aherne

Deputy Headteacher


Teaching Staff


Mrs L Holt

Hopper Class 

Nursery / Reception

Foudnation Stage Coordinator & Teacher / SLT

 Mrs L Trafford
Warhol Class

Reception / Year 1

 SENCO & Teacher / SLT

Miss Haigh 

Picasso Class

Year 2 / Year 3

 Teacher / SLT

 Miss L Gibson

Dali Class

Year 3 / Year 4




Mrs J Knudsen 

Warhol Class & Picasso Class


Mrs Jo Aherne


Mr Williamson

Hepworth Class

Year 5 Teacher 

Mrs Smith

Kahlo Class

Year 6 Teacher






Support Staff





 Mrs J Earnshaw

Nursery Nurse

Miss K Gavaghan

Nursery Nurse / Teaching ASsistant / Learning Support Assistant

Mrs D Williams

Teaching Assistant


Mrs K Arber

Learning Support Assistant

Mrs L Cochrane

Teaching Assistant


Mrs Eileen Thompson

Teaching Assistant / After School Club Supervisor / Out Of School Club Assistant


Miss S Jacques

Teaching Assistant / Medical Needs Co-ordinator /  Mid-Day Supervisor / Out Of School Club Assistant


 Ms S Heywood

Teaching Assistant / Breakfast Club Supervisor / Mid-Day Supervisor / Out Of School Club Assistant


Mrs B Curtis

Teaching Assistant




Miss E Todd

Teaching Assistant





Mrs A Terry

Teaching Assistant

Senior Mid-day Supervisor  / Out Of School Club Assistant









Ms J Beier 

Mid-day Supervisor

Administrative Staff



Mrs Katy Knott

School Business Manager / SLT

Mr Joe Hawkesworth 

Finance Assistant / Clerical Assistant

Mrs Amy East

Clerical Assistant


Miss Hannah Coates

Clerical Assistant

Catering Staff





Mrs K Gallagher

Kitchen Staff


Mrs R Hughes

Kitchen Staff

Mrs J Sutcliffe

Kitchen Staff

Miss J Howorth

Kitchen Staff

Premises Staff



Mr R Goggins


Mrs D Davy